Heroes of the Fourth Turning
Off Bway, Playwrights Horizons

Reviewed by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Will Arbery searches for “something true” in conservative rhetoric.

Will Arbery's epically named new play Heroes of the Fourth Turning takes its title from the controversial Strauss-Howe generational theory, which is excitedly voiced by own of his characters. According to authors William Strauss and Neil Howe, history occurs in a series of four recurring generations, or turnings—High, Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis. We are now in Crisis....

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Slave Play
(Broadway, John Golden Theatre)
Review by Dan Dinero

BOTTOM LINE: Slave Play may be a hot ticket among theatre cognoscenti, but don’t feel bad if you leave underwhelmed (or worse).

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The Sea The Mountains The Forest The City The Plain
(Off Off Broadway, The Brick)
Review by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: This is the kind of monologue that will make you feel better about life.

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Round Table
(Off Off Broadway, 59E59 Theaters)
Review by Linda Buchwald

BOTTOM LINE: Liba Vaynberg's Round Table offers real insight into how people become dedicated to LARP (Live Action Role Playing).

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Caesar and Cleopatra
(Off Broadway, Gingold Group at Theater Row)
Review by Dan Rubins

BOTTOM LINE: What is the creature that walks on spectacular sets in the morning and barely any sets at all in the evening? If Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra is a Sphinx's riddle, this halting production hasn't solved it.

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Fifty Million Frenchmen
(Off Broadway, York Theatre Company's Musicals in Mufti)
Review by Dan Rubins

BOTTOM LINE: With a few standout moments and some melodies well worth excavating, Fifty Million Frenchmen is a frilly Cole Porter minor work that's been lightly dusted and deposited at the York.

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(Off Broadway, Park Avenue Armory)
Review by Asya Gorovits

BOTTOM LINE: The Ancient Greek drama, seen through the prisms of Japanese and Indonesian traditions, captivates with its universal timeliness and theatrical magic.

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